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I on behalf of all teams Wish to Appreciate for Showing Interest in Central Christian University - USA. CCU USA has been Providing Various Educational Programs Since a Decade in Various Fields. Central Christian University has pioneered to cultivate flexible academic freedom with new horizon for the benefits of the Students to grasp International Pattern of Knowledge Worldwide. I Director Academic of CCU Further extend mine gratitude to all parents, guardians and students who have entrusted with us.

As we are in the 21 st Century with Various Scenarious happening in Various Field of expertise. So Educational Graph and its Study pattern have taken a new benchmark by which we all educational institution has to cope up with that current knowledge criteria. So CCU have already taken several steps to Upgrade a Education Pattern for all local & Host Countries National by Providing Various Types of Educational Programs in the Form of Digital Education from Diploma to Research Based Level.

CCU University Core Mission is to Provide Quality Upgraded Education, Research & Social Contribution & Enterpreneurship in this current global trends in the field of education. CCU University emphasis more on Practical & Industry Based Curriculum with better industrial standards for the benefit of the students. We on behalf of CCU invite you to experience outstanding teaching; Student Support & Services with vide range of Programs to offer with extra curricular offerings for your Career Growth

CCU Students & Alumni are always welcome to explore options in our various Educational Programs & Events. As a Academic Director of CCU University I assure you all who will be the part of CCU will get better Exposure in the International Market.

Vitumbiko Nyasulu

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