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General FAQs

  • FAQ 1

    How Central Christian University Works Globally with Other Countries?

    Central Christian University (CCU) USA is an internationally accredited university with various accreditations that promote education worldwide. CCU USA establishes authorized global representatives for specific countries, serving as academic collaborators for entire regions. This collaboration allows students from those countries to enroll in CCU's world-class education learning system.

  • FAQ 2

    Is CCU Certification Recognized Outside the USA?

    Central Christian University USA operates its Directorate of Online & Distance Education, which promotes online education beyond the USA. While many students travel to the USA and Canada for higher education, CCU offers the option to complete courses online through distance education. This mode of learning is beneficial for students, saving them time and money.

  • FAQ 3

    Are Overseas Online Courses Globally Recognized?

    In today's global scenario and given the significant changes in education systems, various modes of education, including online courses, are recognized worldwide. Governments around the world are launching their online learning systems, indicating the global acceptance of online education.

  • FAQ 4

    Can I Work and Study Simultaneously at CCU?

  • FAQ 5

    Do I Need Equivalency for CCU Certificate?

    For online courses conducted by CCU, there's no need for an equivalency letter from home or host countries. Students can directly register their employment based on their CCU qualifications.

  • FAQ 6

    Why is Online Education Needed Worldwide?

    Due to the tremendous increase in global population, traditional campuses struggle to accommodate and train every student. Globalization has led industries to seek well-trained candidates, and online education meets this demand efficiently.

  • FAQ 7

    How Can I Enroll in CCU?

    Students can apply through CCU's enrollment partners designated by global representatives in various countries to complete their education.

  • FAQ 8

    Are There Fees for Counseling at CCU?

    CCU's authorized enrollment partners will not charge any fees for providing necessary counseling to students.

  • FAQ 9

    Are Entrance Exams Required for CCU Admission?

    CCU does not require entrance exams for admission. Eligibility criteria are listed on the official CCU website and prospectus.

  • FAQ 10

    How Can I Apply to CCU?

    Students can submit their completed application forms and necessary documents, along with the required fees, to CCU's authorized enrollment partner.

  • FAQ 11

    Do I Need to Visit the Center After Enrolling in CCU?

    There's no need to visit the center after enrolling. CCU provides each student with a unique login ID to access updates and information online throughout their course.

  • FAQ 12

    Are There Age Limitations for CCU Admission?

    There is no age limit for pursuing admission at CCU.

  • FAQ 13

    What Is CCU's Academic Calendar?

    CCU follows an examination pattern set by its management. Yearly pattern examinations take place in March, while semester pattern examinations occur in June and December.

  • FAQ 14

    How Long Does It Take to Process Enrollment Confirmation at CCU?

    After submitting all required documents to the enrollment partner, CCU will release the enrollment number within 10 days.

  • FAQ 15

    What Grading System Does CCU Follow?

    CCU uses the European grading system, evaluating students based on hours/credits (SGPA and CGPA).

  • FAQ 16

    How Are Examinations Conducted at CCU?

    CCU conducts examinations online. Students can access the examination window using a separate user ID and password provided by the enrollment partner.

  • FAQ 17

    How Will I Receive My Certificate after Completing the Program?

    Upon successful completion of the courses, the enrollment partner will issue mark sheets. Students must apply directly to CCU for convocation details, as mentioned on the official CCU website.

  • FAQ 18

    How Will Companies Verify My CCU Certification?

    Companies can verify CCU certifications online through the process outlined on the CCU website.

  • FAQ 19

    What Happens If I Fail CCU Exams?

    If a student fails CCU exams, they can reappear by paying certain examination fees, saving time and effort.

  • FAQ 20

    What If My Company Doesn't Recognize My CCU Certification?

    Online certifications are generally accepted by various companies. However, recognition may depend on a company's specific norms and policies.


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